ReShade FX disappears while playing

5 years 7 months ago #1 by forrester030
ReShade FX disappears while playing was created by forrester030
hi guys,

i've posted this on the skyrim speical edition nexus but got no answer, so i thought i post it here and ask for help.

i just installed reshade for skyrim, everything works fine, it loads when i start skyrim, but when i'm actually in game, the look is the normal vanilla look, without reshade. when i'm ingame and push shift+f2, reshade pops up, with all my settings, and the game changes instantly to the reshade look, exactly how i wanted. now, when i close the reshade window ingame, then all the effects close too.

how can i play skyrim with reshade effects without having the reshade application opened while playing? is there any button or option where i have to change something?

please help, i feel like i'm doing a really stupid and obvious mistake.

thank you for your help and have a nice day

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