ReShade not working with TS3?

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ReShade not working with TS3? was created by Tashypooo
Hey all! First time ReShade user here. :)

I have a dedicated graphics card so I couldn't use ReShade 2.0 which sucked because it made everybody's games look so beautiful, so, when I heard about 3.0 I was super excited! Except, I have no idea how to get the ReShade settings up in game? When using shift + F2, Build & Buy mode opens in game yet no settings. Are there other alternatives to using shift + F2? Also, I installed the +10 option, because 8/9 made my game sit in the background and wouldn't open....not sure what to do. Any help is greatly appreciated!

I was sent a file by someone who allowed me to use the version where DirectD9 was available (because they used that for their game and it works) and I installed it the way I was instructed and now my game won't even open? When I checked Task Manager it was just sitting in the background but wouldn't open. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

Found out it was my graphics card? I have a NVIDIA GTX that not compatible with either version of ReShade? Is there anyway to make it compatible? :/
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