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TOPIC: DA:I Reshade Not Working

DA:I Reshade Not Working 3 years 5 days ago #1

im trying to install a reshade for dragon age:inquisition, but whenever i do it opens and immdiately crashes to desktop. This has happened with several different reshades so im sure its something with the framework. All my drivers and graphic drivers are up to date running on Windows 10. Here are my system specs

intel core i5-4200H CPU @ 2.8 GHz
8 GB Ram
x64 bit system
Nvidia Geforce GTX 860M

here is the dxgi log

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

the only thing i noticed is this line
13/11/2016 21:11:57:743 [07080] | WARN | > 'D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain' failed with 'DXGI_ERROR_UNSUPPORTED'!

i looked it up but im not sure exactly what it means or what i should do? the game runs perfectly without any reshade, so the reshade IS the issue. Thank you!
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DA:I Reshade Not Working 2 years 11 months ago #2

sorry I'm so late - I get the same problem and a way around it is to play the game in windowed fullscreen mode.
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