Skyrim Special Edition - Flickering

5 years 10 months ago - 5 years 10 months ago #1 by SpaceJoker
Skyrim Special Edition - Flickering was created by SpaceJoker
Hi, I have a problem when using any Reshade preset with Skyrim SE. Whenever the file dxgi.ini/dxgi.dll is located inside the game folder, ingame I experience a really weird and noticeable black flickering all over the screen, especially when the sun/godrays are on the border of the screen or when the config menu (Shift + F2) is open.
Any ideas on why this happens?

(It's mostly noticeable in trees)

I have an i5 6600 plus a GTX 970

EDIT: Ok, it seems there was some kind of conflict between the ingame antialiasing and the Sharpening effects that came with Reshade. Now I'm using a tweaked Reshade that doesn't require dxg.ini (it does require .dll tho) and it seems to run fine.
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