ReShade + Mediator : Error when selecting a Preset

5 years 9 months ago #1 by F D B ReShade + Mediator : Error when selecting a Preset was created by F D B
I don't know if this version of ReShade still gets support from you, but here's the deal.
I have the ReShade Framework with Mediator version. Copied all of it to the game's folder.
Started creating many presets and adding them from the Mediator. All of them working fine.
However, at one point, I must have done something wrong because now, whenever I select or apply changes to any preset, I get this error at the top of the Mediator screen:

Loading application preset failed due to the following error: Object reference not set to an instance of an object

And somehow the presets are not looking at they should. It's like some shaders (or whatever) are not being read.

I hope you can lend me a hand here.
I've tried the new ReShade version but I still think the one I'm using is by far the best. So awesome and complete. The new version might be as awesome as this in some time, but right now I need to stick to this version because I can't lose all the work I've put in this presets!


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