[Solved] Reshade 3.06: Panda Antivirus

5 years 5 months ago #1 by Sunesha
Panda Antivirus does false positive on the Reshade 3.06 setup tool. This has happened before and it will fix it self in couple days. At least it did the last time it happened. But until then you can follow my instructions. I shared this just in case someone wonders.

1. Right click on the green panda virus
2. Click Panda antivirus
3. Under the green compass there is a "Files in quarantine", it should probaly say "Files in quarantine:1". Click it
4. Click view detals
5. Press recover file, Make damn sure it is "Reshade_Setup_3.0.3.exe"
6. After recovery the virus software has learnt that is nothing fishy with Reshade, as long you download it from www.reshade.me

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