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TOPIC: Witcher 2 lag spikes

Witcher 2 lag spikes 4 years 2 weeks ago #1

Just reporting about a problem I have in The Witcher 2 using ReShade 15 + MasterEffect.

Everything works fine but whenever I drink a potion funny things start to happen. A counter appears about how long the potions effects will last. As long as the potions effects are effective, for example 10 minutes, I will get a stutter exactly every second as the counter goes down. When the counter stops, stuttering is gone... Checked log, nothing wrong there.
Since ReShade v15 is the first version I've tried in Witcher 2, I'm going to test older ones now and report back.

Tested with (0.14.0) (0.13.0) (0.12.0)
No luck with v14.
In v13 and v12 it's still there but it's a lot less noticeable. (Unnoticeable, at least for gameplay. Had to run back and forth next to a still object to notice.)
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Witcher 2 lag spikes 3 years 11 months ago #2

Reporting that v0.16.0 still has this problem.
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