Fallout 4 Steam and Reshade Version 3.0.6 - CTD

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3 years 7 months ago - 3 years 7 months ago #1 by hungryarmadillo
Vanilla FO4 No mods no nothing.
Using the installer, I have had it work just fine on several games.
Installed to FO4 Steam version, Tried tieing it to the FOV.EXE and also the Launcher.
The game just instantly CTD after the play button is hit.

If I uninstall Reshade and restart the game it runs just fine.
Put Reshade back in and instant CTD.

I have disabled Steam overlay and have diabled the recording feature of Nvidia and neither made a difference. There is nothing else I can think of that would becausing it.

Have I missed something?

Wanted to add I amslecting the DX10+ Option.

Log File Below:

Warning: Spoiler! [ Click to expand ]

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