Fullscreen issue on Battlefield 1 with dxgi.dll

5 years 10 months ago #1 by sexydove Fullscreen issue on Battlefield 1 with dxgi.dll was created by sexydove
1. Intro

Before I read this, I'd like to ask you something first.
Because I am not a native speaker of English, this article may be confusing grammatically, lexically or out of a context. Please excuse me.
I summed up what happened to me, because the detail of it can be a long and dirty story. Also, note that the long term words are at the bottom of this article.

2. Problems raised

i. Which game was caught on problem with reshade?

- BattleField 1

ii. What did I do? (Procedures)

1) Installed reshade in the Battlefield folder. (C:\...\BattleField 1\Bf1.exe)

- Select Direct3D 10+

2) Installed the presets in the same folder.

3) Ran the Battlefield (1st attempt)

- 1st problem occured --> iii. a)

4) Ran the Battlefield (2nd attempt)

- 2nd problem occured --> iii. b)

iii. What problem has arisen?

a) Only a tiny fraction of the work worked.

First, it was opened windowed at the start of the Battlefield 1, and if I do not give the mouse input, it works well itself.
However, once the mouse input is received, the screen fills the entire screen, and the remaining parts excluding
the left side of the screen, the windowed portion, become white.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/a92HUBp, http://i.imgur.com/JnMSit8

Action: Renamed dxgi.dll, dxgi.ini to d3d11.dll, d3d11.ini --> iii. b)

b) It worked well but couldn't get the desired result.

In the beginning of the Battlefield, it is opened windowed. In this condition both shader and UI of reshade also worked well.
However, enlarging the size of the window 'upscales' the screen pinned on the left top,
and the rest screen that subtracted to Fullscreen size will be cut off.

Screenshot: http://i.imgur.com/LDoGgp4 , http://i.imgur.com/opNaO9o
Action: Renamed to Reshade64.dll, but no used. ddraw.dll didn't worked. --> Problem unsolved

iv. What do you want?

I hope it to work well on the full screen.

v. Have you deleted it?

Yes. When it comes to the uninstallation, it works originally. It seems that my computer and reshade are may not compatible.

3. Want to say

I think battlefield 1 is really a good game. However, it is somewhat dark and gloomy due to the stress from the horrors of the war.
Because of this, if you play a game long enough, your head aches, eyes become tired and you feel depressed.
One day, I heard that this color could be refreshed and healthy, like the real, contemporary life.
There was few hour that I know It was practicable by sweetfx and reshade, and I installed this program with getting light headed.
However it did not work, and I spent about a day searching for the forums that might have the correct answere.
The answer I only earned was renaming dxgi to d3dll. Nothing other fitted to my problem.

There is still a problem with Full-screening, but it doesn't feel so frustrating. Cause I am still excited and desperate.
This is because I want to see the sight of the World War I through a ambient and elegant screen.
That was superfluous paragraph. So far, especially thanks to those who have read so far.

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