Mount and Blade Warband workaround?

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3 years 3 months ago - 3 years 3 months ago #1 by drgoat
There's no depth buffer access through reshade, but we can sample the depth buffer in the postfx.fx file that comes with the game. Is there any way to bridge between this postfx.fx and reshade's data? this is Warband's postfx.fx. I'd worry more about posting it, but the sources for all the other shaders are freely available online, so.. meh. here's the include that it, well, #includes.

The samplers the postfx.fx file has access to are as follows:

fx_ReflectionTextureSampler_RegisterS s0
fx_EnvTextureSampler_RegisterS s1
fx_Diffuse2Sampler_RegisterS s2
fx_NormalTextureSampler_RegisterS s3
fx_SpecularTextureSampler_RegisterS s4
fx_DepthTextureSampler_RegisterS s5
fx_CubicTextureSampler_RegisterS s6
fx_ShadowmapTextureSampler_RegisterS s7
fx_ScreenTextureSampler_RegisterS s8
fx_MeshTextureSampler_RegisterS s9
fx_ClampedTextureSampler_RegisterS s10
fx_FontTextureSampler_RegisterS s11
fx_CharacterShadowTextureSampler_RegisterS s12
fx_MeshTextureSamplerNoFilter_RegisterS s13
fx_DiffuseTextureSamplerNoWrap_RegisterS s14
fx_GrassTextureSampler_RegisterS s15

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3 years 3 months ago #2 by crosire
No. The sampler indices are only useful at the exact spot in the render pipeline the game renders its postfx.fx file. ReShade renders much later, at which point they were long overwritten with other data.
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