Reshade 3.0.6/7 Black Screen In Mugen 1.1 (OpenGL)

5 years 3 weeks ago #1 by Atheon
So i know Mugen isn't an official game, i.e its not on steam, origin, etc.

But i have been able to use it in Mugen flawlessly up until 3.0

When using Reshade 3.0.6/7 in Mugen, it gives a black screen. You can still hear the game and interact with it, but its a black screen. The black screen issue goes away as soon as the game goes into a match. After that it never black again until the game is restarted. This isn't a huge issue, but its a definite inconvenience.

Does anyone know what might be causing it? I wasn't even sure where i should post this as its more of a issue report then a troubleshooting question.

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