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TOPIC: Ethan Carter Redux fps drops to 0 crash on exit

Ethan Carter Redux fps drops to 0 crash on exit 1 year 1 month ago #1

Ok i am having the oddest and most annoying issue using the newest Reshade with only Adaptive Sharpening and Tone map shaders in Ethan Carter Redux. I started the game and played 6 hrs with no issue with Reshade installed and the game ran great. Shut down the PC and came back to it the next day. Now when i start the game i cant move my mouse with out the game hanging drastically and fps just dropping to near 0 everytime. . If i stay still the game runs a pegged 60fps with Vsync on.. Turned Vsync off and still if i try to look around by moving the mouse and the game just drops to 0 and goes into a severe hanging low fps fit. Remove the reshade files from the Win64 folder that has windows 64 shipping in it and the game and its runs fine. I looked around here and found that Unreal Engine 4 had issue with reshade. I didnt see anything about this issue with the latest Reshade version though . From what i did find showed it was fixed to work with the unreal engine awhile ago. I know it is Reshade because removing the reshade file from game folder solves the issue. Plus when i exit the game with Reshade installed i get this error popup as well ( see attached ). Am i missing something ?? . I run a I7 4770K and GTX 1080 plus 16gb of 1866 g skill ram so i know i have the resources to run reshade with the game.

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Ethan Carter Redux fps drops to 0 crash on exit 1 year 1 month ago #2

ReShade and UE4 doesn't play well together, unfortunately... I haven't had many issues with Ethan Carter Redux (except I can't change from fullscreen to windowed, or change resolution with ReShade installed). But I did encounter hordes of problems in Kholat which was one of the earlier UE4 titles. It crashes on start up with almost the exact same log as in your post. What I did was I changed the ReShade version to an earlier one and boom, it worked.
Latest title I've had issues with is Edith Finch where ReShade's effect loading causes massive engine bugs.

The only tip I have is to work your way down the different ReShade versions starting from the newest. :)
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Ethan Carter Redux fps drops to 0 crash on exit 1 year 1 month ago #3

Thanks for the good info my friend . I found that it wasn't entirely related to Reshade. How is this for weird, i would start steam / Ethan Carter then play for a minute or so. Stop and close it all down , restart windows and then viola the game ran perfect with reshade . I haven't the slightness clue why that would fix it but i have finished the game so its not as important. It still has this annoying issue where when i hit the hud selected key for reshade the camera view goes way off to another point. Long story short i got the preset were i wanted it now so its playable with out to much of a fuss. You are right though as Unreal and reshade dont get along well :P
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