World of Warships not compatible anymore ?

5 years 5 months ago #1 by lrt World of Warships not compatible anymore ? was created by lrt
Hello everybody!
First, and since I'm new on this forum, big THANK YOU for this great tool which makes all my games more beautiful!
And here is part of the problem, now that I am an addict, it is really painful to see a game become blurry and "yellowy" again. Now let's go to the context and symptoms.

- Game: World of warships (6.4 then 6.5)
- Reshade version: 3.0.6 then 3.0.7
- Windows 10 creators update
- Graphics card : Radeon RX 480 with up-to-date drivers

A month ago, the game (before 6.4) and Reshade worked perfectly together. A few days passed without playing, and I find myself with a new game version and the Windows update. I try launching the game, nothing happens, the .exe doesn't even appear in the tasks manager.
After trying a few things, like uninstalling and reinstalling different combinations of the game and Reshade, here are the symptoms:

- Game launches without Reshade (but kind of ugly)
- Game + Reshade (d3d9) does not launch
- Game + Reshade (dxgi) launches but Reshade seems to not being triggered (no menu, no effect)
- Game + Reshade (dxgi renamed to d3d9) does not launch
- Game + Reshade (d3d9 renamed to dxgi) launches but reshade is not working

After further research and reading a few topics on the forum, it looks like Windows creators update has caused a few issues, so I tried Witcher 3 which worked perfectly with Reshade. I don't have another d3d9 game to try now, but it looks like the symptoms are similar to those expressed in the Mount & Blade: Warband topic.

Anyway, thanks for reading this topic, I hope somebody is going to find a solution and make my game beautiful again. Have a nice day!

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