PUBG - Bright game after BattleEye blocks .dll

4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #1 by d3subz
Hello guys :) ,

I require some help.. and can't seem to fix my problem. I've been playing PUGB's and after some time their AC (Anti cheat - BattleEye) detects Reshade and blocks the .dll.

However.. even if I remove all the ReShade files in the PUBG\TslGame\Binaries\Win64 directory..... and then launch the game.. the ingame brightness is very strong/bright. I've got my gamesettings.ini file locked and I've checked all the other .ini's if there was smthing overwriten but can't find anything. Is there someplace else I could look why the blocked .dll keeps the game so bright?

I used only 2 filters the Technicolor2 and Adaptivesharpen
Tried: Verifing files, multiple restarts, ect..

Ty in advance! :)
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