ReShade in Firestorm (Second Life) Errors

5 years 2 months ago #1 by HentaiPhD ReShade in Firestorm (Second Life) Errors was created by HentaiPhD
Hello and thanks in advance for any assistance.

I searched high and low but was unable to find error explanations during /post-installation in Firestorm viewer, hoping to find some insight here.

I have recommended ReShade to my followers, and even though I myself have not experienced any issues and ReShade works fine; a lot of my followers came to me with the same problem: an error which does not allow them to use ReShade.

The error:
Type mismatch : Type of _param_texcoord different between shaders.
Out of resource error.

What is causing this, and how can they go about this?

Thank you! :woohoo: :kiss:

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5 years 1 month ago #2 by Mishka Replied by Mishka on topic ReShade in Firestorm (Second Life) Errors
It's an issue between ReShade 3.0 and ANY Second Life viewer. Even if you did get it started it has (since v3.0) broken all your inworld HUDS, although it does still work. Roll back to ReShade v2.0 (or earlier) and it works fine. There are hundreds of people who use it in viewers everyday....especially for Flickr/Second Life.

Proof of version 2 and under working is here:

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