Depth Buffer Access in Various Programs?

4 years 10 months ago #1 by RogueFactor
Depth Buffer Access in Various Programs? was created by RogueFactor
Alright, so I've been wondering if anyone has been able to get depth buffer access in Dolphin or PPSSPP by means of OpenGL or DX9/11

I have access in PPSSPP v1.3 using ReShade 3.07, but my depth buffer is flipped upside down. (This is with Forced Depth Write On BTW) through usage of OpenGL, however, the menus are black (Problem with MH Portable 3rd unfortunately) which is really weird because according to some old dev notes (which probably don't apply anymore), this should be the opposite, I should be getting a flipped depth buffer on OpenGL and access with DX9.

In Dolphin I have no access whatsoever, which I'm guessing is just natural.

Has anyone gotten consistent access to the depth buffer on these 2 emulators or has any workarounds?

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