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I'm new to ReShade and SweetFX and have some problems. I've installed SweetFX (1.5) by dragging all files in the game folder (Dishonored). Then I started the game and activated it by Scroll Lock which worked fine. Every time I pressed the key I could easily toggle it on or off.

Now I also got ReShade 3.0.8 and installed it by selecting the game.exe and it gave me a "success" message. When I started the game now, I got an error message from ReShade. However, the menu Shift+F2 worked fine. But as soon as I try to enable SweetFX now, it doesn't work anymore. How can I delete ReShade to be able to reinstall it later?

The only reason why I'm using ReShade and Sweet FX at the same time, is that I've heard that it should improve graphics even more (feel free to correct me if that's a lie). I really don't know anything about this stuff, I've just red a few guides to be able to improve the graphics of Dishonored, since they're looking really old and low on default.

The major problem is that I've installed SweetFX (with custom settings) and ReShade both now but none of them works (with exception of the ReShade FPS counter, that works fine). My first idea was the mentioned reinstallation of ReShade but I coulnd't find any files with the name ReShade in it, only the SweetFX files.There are a lot of different guides on how to make them work simultaneously and I just don't know which is the right one to use. One site tells you to download both of them and then there are modding sites that offer packages with both included. I'd really appreciate it if somebody could tell me how I can install both of them correctly, how I can insert custom ReShade presets in the right way and most important: if it's even worth it to install both?

That would be really cool, since I love the pictures and videos I've seen about these injectors so far.
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....what on Earth are you doing?

Remove any files you previously installed and just install ReShade 3 with the shaders it downloads from github. Those shaders contain the old SweetFX color corrections and more.

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