Reshade 3.0.7: Crashes with DarkPlaces

4 years 11 months ago #1 by Wakey

i am currently doing a free game on the DarkPlaces engine (for those who dont know it: it's a fancy Quake Engine with shaders, bumpmapping and so on).
Though the engine can do many effects like motion blur or hdr, it does not utilize DOF or Godrays and such gimmicks, so i would like to add them via Reshade.

Now the problem is, as you would have guessed: If i install it as OpenGL dll's, the engine crashes right on start.
Darkplaces uses OpenGL 2.3 btw, maybe thats the problem.

But it gets even stranger, if install the DX9 version of Reshade, that actually starts with the game and manages to hook in.
I am able to view the depth buffer and so forth, though the engine is still rendering via OpenGL (dont ask me how this can be, but it is so).
But, if i do it this way, realtime lights get screwed up, showing square halos around them, and other render related stuff as well (i think reflections where also affected).

Any idea how to get ReShade to run properly with the DarkPlaces engine?

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