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6 years 1 month ago - 6 years 1 month ago #1 by nugar Reshade and Defiance was created by nugar
Got an issue in opening Re-shade in Defiance, I'm assuming the default setting to open the console is Shift+F2, but it seems that Defiance has bound F2 to a menu (which doesn't show up as having F2 bound BTW) is there any way to manually set the key settings to open Re-Shade elsewhere like a config file or something other than in game. It's getting frustrating not being able to open and use Re-Shade, any help is most appreciated.

SOLVED. I fixed it, by reinstalling Defiance, but changed the API setting (my bad, had it set to DX10+) to DX9 :blush: . Now if anyone can help or even give a link to how to install SweetFX presets into Re-shade it is most appreciated.
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