reshade and 3d vision

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3 years 1 week ago #1 by davegl1234

Is reshade compatible with 3d vision?

I've managed to get it working fine in 2d with swtor (including MXAO), but when I enable any effect (even non depth based ones) with 3d vision the image glitches.

More specifically, in 3d, if I remove the glasses the two overlayed images seem to separate vertically with any reshade effects enabled, and with 3d vision enabled in the control panel, but disabled in game, the whole 2d image seems to move slightly to the right and down, and everything blurs somewhat, if that makes any sense.

Is it generally incompatibility with 3d vision, or just a game issue here?

Incidentally, I can get most reshade effects working fine in tridef, with swtor (no such image shifting glitches mentioned above), but not MXAO (the ambient occlusion shading seems to flicker from one of the overlayed images to the other).

Thanks for any help

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1 year 7 months ago - 1 year 7 months ago #2 by davegl1234
In case anyone is wondering, I went to play swtor again after a year in which I have gained some experience of directx programming, and I have managed to ascertain and resolve the issue.

In DX9 there is a texel/pixel offset problem, which every Reshade effect fixes in the vertex shader. To do this, the PostProcessVS shader needs to know the texel size, which is presently passed into the shader via constant 255. It seems swtor overwrites this constant with a different number (maybe only in 3d vision?), causing the offset issue I described.

I downloaded Reshade and have simply changed the constant to register 254, and after compiling everything is working as it should. I had a brief look, but it seems that this register is hard-coded and not changeable in the ini, but I may be wrong?

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1 year 7 months ago #3 by crosire
It's hardcoded, yes. There hasn't been a reason to make it configurable until now.

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