Installation of old Reshade

4 years 10 months ago #1 by Philipp98
Installation of old Reshade was created by Philipp98

I don't know that much about the installation of old Reshade versions and which ones are actually required. First off, I'd like to know which version I need if the preset tells me that it's made for "Reshade & SweetFX 2.0". Does that mean I can choose between them? Or will only Reshade work as well (if so which version)?

I had no problem installing Reshade 3 because the installer makes it really easy but I don't quite understand how to install the old versions. Some of them contain a Reshade.fx and the Reshade64.dll (for 64-bit). If there's an instruction it tells you to copy the Reshade64.dll into the game directory. That's what I could still get. However, I don't know what I have to do after that. It tells me to rename something. So far, I tried to copy the Reshade.fx into the directory as well and also added the SweetFX folder and Sweet.fx if required but I guess that was wrong.

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