FNV, Reshade 3.0.8 and ENBSeries 278

5 years 3 months ago #1 by MysticalPanda FNV, Reshade 3.0.8 and ENBSeries 278 was created by MysticalPanda
I've noticed a few problems when using Reshade 3.0.8 with ENBSeries 278 (Boost only). I'm not entirely sure if it's due to being improperly configured on my end, but here's how I had to configure it:

1) rename d3d9.dll to reshade_d3d9.dll
2) in the enblocal: EnableProxyLibrary=true, InitProxyFunctions=false, ProxyLibrary=reshade_d3d9.dll

Setting InitProxyFunctions=true, causes a cannot initialize renderer error when launching the game, so false was my only option.

Here's some issues I'm having:

1) If I have a reshade preset active when I load the game (enbboost is always present), it's like the reshade presets gets 'doubled'. disabling effects via the keyboard shortcut, or selecting another present (in game) which has no effects active, halves the post-processing effects (they slightly lighten) but they don't entirely disable them. Starting a new game, the character creation screen is so dark you can't really see anything. Again, disabling the reshade preset has no effect. The only work around is to make sure I start the game with a preset that has no effects enabled, then switch to a preset, while in game, that does. Then before I exit, switch back to to the preset which has nothing enabled. Repeat when I start the next game.
2) Loading data through the reshade enbseries pipeline takes twice as long. If I disable reshade by setting EnableProxyLibrary=false , the speed at which textures sounds etc.,. are loaded goes back to normal.

For #1, I'm guessing that somehow ENBBoost is trying to 'add' the reshade changes directly to it's own drawing routines (since InitProxyFunctions=false), then turning them off in Reshade has basically no real effect, as they're still active in ENB.
For #2, I'm not sure since memory allocation, I would imagine is passed directly to ENB and not doubled up on by Reshade.

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