Cemu Bug Reporting Thread [LAST UPDATED: 21/08/17]

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Hi everyone,
I wanted to make this post in order to report some ReShade issues with Cemu that haven't already been fixed. These bugs have been tested with Reshade 3.0.8, Cemu 1.9.0c and an Nvidia GPU. Personally I have tested only only two games: TLoZ Breath of the Wild and Super Mario 3D World. If you find bugs with other games, feel free to submit your reports in this thread!

Issues involving any game
  • Cemu crashes on exit when there's at least one effect activated (probably only Nvidia bug, AMD users please give some feedback)

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild issues

Issues encountered when at least one effect is activated
  • Inventory tab freezes up only in fullscreen mode - only the video output is frozen, because input is accepted by the emulator

Issues encountered when there are no effects activated as well
  • Menu background messed up in Options or when loading a saved game - in order to make it happen you need to enter the Options submenu ( image )

Super Mario 3D World issues

Issues encountered when there are no effects activated as well
  • Strange graphical glitches involving object borders ( images )

Thanks to crosire for putting his efforts into this wonderful tool! ;)
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