[SOLVED] Extreme FPS drops without any effect enabled

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Tried using ReShade on Path of Exile, mainly to use LumaSharpen and Gamma correction because the game is too dark for me.

Without ReShade installed, 250-350 fps.

With Reshade installed and NO effect applied, 60 fps.

Pressing the Screenshot key of ReShade reduces my FPS further permanently to 40

Beeing Alt-Tabbed brings my fps back to ~300

Pressing the Screenshot key again brings it back to 60

Any idea what's going on?
Win10 64bit game executable, DX11

Okay so this is interresting. I've tested around a bit more and found out that it's likely limiting my fps to 60 because of the Win10 DWM forcing 60fps when in borderless window mode. My game usually runs in borderless window mode and has 300fps because a few updates back, Microsoft added an option to disable DWM 60fps limiting on windows, and I've used that option on PathofExile executables. Installing ReShade made that setting not work anymore, for whatever reason. After googling around ReShade fullscreen problems, I found a post on the PUBG subreddit where someone said his game breaks in fullscreen with ReShade installed but not in windowed mode and he fixed the problem by renaming the dxgi.dll and the dxgi.ini to d3d11.dll and d3d11.ini. So I thought to myself, why not try it and BOOM.

Using the dxgi.dll that is autogenerated by the installer limits my fps to 60 in windowed fullscreen because for some reason it ignores the "Disable full-screen optimisations" option Microsoft added some patches ago. Simply renaming the dll to d3d11.dll makes the game run in windowed fullscreen, use ReShade AND use the option, making it run at 160fps now with ReShade and 2 effects enabled.

So yeah, crosire, just so you know, simply renaming the dll can fix this problem but finding this information has been a pain :)
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