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TOPIC: Problems with TW:E Edition 1.5

Problems with TW:E Edition 1.5 8 months 6 days ago #1

Hello artists,
Back in january I was playing Witcher 1. I wanted to bring some fresh air into the game and added reshade to it - IT WORKED FLAWLESSLY (except MXAO)!!! I could even use RTSS and Afterburner at the same time without any crashes!

After 10 months I came back to it, wanted to play some DLC adventures that were brought in 1.5 patch (installed through GOG Galaxy) and to my surprise it doesn´t work anymore!!! Game doesn´t even start and no error is displayed, in task manager it appears for a few seconds then disapears!
Without reshade game works fine!
I use W10 Fall creators update with AMD GPU with 17.10.1 drivers.

I tried to:
1. use older and newer versions of Reshade - no step forward
2. disable OSD like RTSS, Fraps - no change
3. use sweetfx instead - endless errors with missing .dll files
4.dx 8 dll - not working since the game is dx9

What could it be??? I also got 2 log files, one is crash.dmp , the other is errlog
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