ReShade bug in Warframe (flickering)

4 years 7 months ago #1 by XCanG
I expected new sort of bug, what I not seen before on Reshade 0.19.2 (what I setup at the end of 2015).
I need to say what I don't use Reshade in this game for more, than a year, now I install it and on clear run (where all effects is disabled) Reshade generate some flickering effect.

I found what it generate somewhere in core of Reshade (not provided by effect) and trigger only if on screen & on HUD appear some bright effect (game effect). For example when I start game, on screen generated flickering mark what showed until mission not started and when this mark is appeared screen changed his bright level, when it gone, bright return to normal.
As well this effect appear when I pickup finished item in foundry.

If it was only that, then I will be like ok, but it also appear in a missions (I not record that but probably enemies in a middle of a fight spawn some effect what rendered as HUD element and it bright so reshade triggering and up bright level and then down, so why I say it "flickering".
And I can't disable it, so I start this thread.

I also record small video where I pickup 2 item from foundry and try to start mission to show this effect. At the end of a video I also show my settings in reshade.

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4 years 7 months ago #2 by XCanG
Replied by XCanG on topic ReShade bug in Warframe (flickering)
After more tests I found what enabling clock or/and FPS counter partically solve my issue, but I don't know why it solving it and what is a reason?

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