Star Ocean HD Remaster startup crash ReShade 3.1

4 years 10 months ago - 4 years 10 months ago #1 by mx2k Star Ocean HD Remaster startup crash ReShade 3.1 was created by mx2k
Star Ocean 4k&HD Remaster on Steam is crashing at startup using ReShade 3.1 and the official shader repository via dxgi.dll. During game launch the game starts in a window and the Reshade overlay is displayed while it compiles the shaders. As soon as this is done, the game goes to fullscreen and instantly turns to a grey screen and it crashes to desktop.
[Update/Edit] The crash only occurs when running the game in Fullscreen. As soon as I switch it to Windowed Mode, Reshade loads properly.

[Q1] Reshade SMAA has near zero visual difference to ingame FXAA3 (both look not exactly good). Is there any proper TAA shader for RS?
[Q2] Does anyone here know the compatibility bit to enable SGSSAA for this game?

Applies to Fullscreen only it seems: Windows crash log and a dump of the dxgi.log
Last edit: 4 years 10 months ago by mx2k. Reason: crash issue narrowed down

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