[KOTOR] ReShade graphics glitch

4 years 5 months ago #1 by Jabollx
[KOTOR] ReShade graphics glitch was created by Jabollx
Hello there!

Some time ago I decided to play KOTOR once again, and found this lovely ReShade thing.
The problem is, it's not working. I can't install "collection of standard effects" (prnt.sc/hq1h0a) because the installation crashes (prnt.sc/hq1imt).
If I choose "no" in the window mentioned above I get to install it.

But, once I run the game, and load any save it goes like this:

I thought, maybe my PC is too old. I run Radeon HD4850, 2gb ram, win7 32-bit. It's not new, i know, but I was hoping it gonna manage.

If anyone was so kind to help me, I would be very thankful.
Merry xmas!

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