Shaders keep getting Random Toggle Keys?!

4 years 9 months ago #1 by Snacko Shaders keep getting Random Toggle Keys?! was created by Snacko
I'm running RS 3.1.1, and for some reason, when I press the Overlay Key to open Reshade, or press the Effects Toggle Key while Reshade is open, those keys get assigned to random Shaders. It's very annoying. :blink:

I have to go and use Backspace to erase these Random Shader Hotkeys every time I open Reshade. It seems like there is a bug because I don't even have any of these shaders selected, let alone my cursor is not in the Toggle Key textbox at all. But it still assigns a key.

Is there a way to just totally turn off using Toggle Keys on specific Shaders? I only want to use the Overlay & Effects Toggle keys on the Settings/General tab.

In this pic you can see that my Overlay key (Ctrl+Tab), and Effects key (Shift+Tab) have been assigned to Shaders that I am not even using!!

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