Fallout 4 CTD upon startup.

4 years 4 months ago #1 by Skaði
Fallout 4 CTD upon startup. was created by Skaði
Hey there. Having a little bit of trouble. I recently got this sweet new lappy toppy, and have been jamming out in Fallout 4. I remembered the sweet, wonderful times that are had with SweetFX/ReShade, so I decided to get a preset and install ReShade.

Sadly, it seems, through process of elimination, to be the cause of an annoying crash to desktop issue whenever I start up the game. It wasn't doing this before, and since it doesn't even take the time to load into the game, I assume it's ReShade. I have tried to reinstall it, to disable overlays, but the problem persists.

It would be very helpful if from the comments I could get two things:
1. Common solutions to this issue, and from communication eventually finding the issue itself. I'm sure it might be a very simple fix.
2. A solution to my secondary issue: The preset I downloaded is supposed to go within the SweetFX folder. However, with the updates to ReShade, this folder no longer exists. I would like to know where I can place this file, or whether I need to find a different version of ReShade.

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