I am giving up, GTA V Reshade

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2 years 2 weeks ago #1 by Mello
GTA V rockstar version doesn't work with Reshade, The problem is dxgi.dll crash the game and if i rename dxgi.dll to d3d11.dll the Reshade doesn't work anyway, i give up, i've been trying everything to fix this problem but nothing work's,
I do not want to install other Windows just to play GTA V with Reshade, this sounds ridiculous, unfortunaly it will not be possible play GTA V with Reshade on Windows 10, if someone has a gold chicken please share it

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2 years 2 weeks ago #2 by Andarael
Same here, i have tried al lot of things and older versions. GTA alaways crashes on startup when reshade v3.+ is installed.
I have the steam version, and the reshade window with the loading shader message appears on the social club launcher.

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2 years 2 weeks ago #3 by robgrab
I just tried it with the Rockstar version of GTA V and it works fine. I was using Reshade 3.1.1 (it worked perfectly) then I installed 3.1.2 and still no problems. It must be something with your individual setups. For reference I'm launching the game through the Rockstar Social Club on Windows 10 and using the OpenIV to load game mods (mainly the Redux mod).

Are you running mods? Are you trying to play Story Mode or the Online? The only problem I've ever had with the game had to do with a Rockstar update that broke compatibility with the Redux mod. I had to copy a file to the mod folder and everything worked fine after that.

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2 years 1 week ago - 2 years 1 week ago #4 by Andarael
I tried it on another computer (w10 and steam version also), but the game still crashes.
On steam i can't launch the game via the socila club first, i have to launch it via steam otherwise i get an error message ("You must launche GTAV via playgtav.exe and there is no such file in the game folder).
I have no mods and i want to install reshade for story mod (i have a different installation of GTAV on my portable HDD for online).
When I do install an enb it works fine also.
I tried reshade 3.1.2, and i still got the same problem.

When i launch the game, nothing appears on the social club at first ( puu.sh/zMiSP/32823c4853.png ) and once i'm logged in reshade seems to work ( puu.sh/zMiSW/0b1a80e68c.png ) but on the wrong executable. And then social club closes, gtaV launches and it crashes.

I have no social club version to test if this problem is related to the stam version or to my setup. But as i said, i tried it on differents PCs (gtx1060 & i7-6700hq laptop and gtx1080 & i7-3820 Desktop, both W10 and desktop was a freshly re-installed OS).

Also, the game updataed yesterday, and i have still this problem.

I do really hope there is something we can do to fix this, i'm sorry for my rubbish english, have a good day.

edit: i also tried disabling the steam overlay, then restarting steam, it still crashes.

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