White Night [OGL/32bit] incorrect gamma with SMAA

7 years 8 months ago #1 by Kein White Night [OGL/32bit] incorrect gamma with SMAA was created by Kein
  /                  SMAA Anti-aliasing settings                /
#define SMAA_THRESHOLD              0.12  //[0.05 to 0.20] Edge detection threshold. If SMAA misses some edges try lowering this slightly. I prefer between 0.08 and 0.12.
#define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS         16  //[0 to 98] Determines the radius SMAA will search for aliased edges
#define SMAA_MAX_SEARCH_STEPS_DIAG     6  //[0 to 16] Determines the radius SMAA will search for diagonal aliased edges
#define SMAA_CORNER_ROUNDING           0  //[0 to 100] Determines the percent of antialiasing to apply to corners. 0 seems to affect fine text the least so it's the default.

// -- Advanced SMAA settings --
#define SMAA_EDGE_DETECTION            1  //[1|2|3] 1 = Luma edge detection, 2 = Color edge detection, 3 = Depth edge detection
#define SMAA_DIRECTX9_LINEAR_BLEND     0  //[0 or 1] Using DX9 HARDWARE? (software version doesn't matter) if so this needs to be 1 - If not, leave it at 0.
                                          //Enable this only if you use a Geforce 7xxx series or older card, or a Radeon X1xxx series or older card.

// -- SMAA Predication settings --
#define SMAA_PREDICATION               0  //[0 or 1] Enables predication which uses BOTH the color and the depth texture for edge detection to more accurately detect edges.
#define SMAA_PREDICATION_THRESHOLD 0.001  // Threshold to be used in the depth buffer.                                      
#define SMAA_PREDICATION_SCALE       2.0  // How much to scale the global threshold used for luma or color edge detection when using predication
#define SMAA_PREDICATION_STRENGTH    0.4  // How much to locally decrease the threshold.

// -- Debug SMAA settings --
#define SMAA_DEBUG_OUTPUT             0  //[0 to 4] 0 = Normal, 1 = edgesTex, 2 = blendTex, 3 = areaTex, 4 = searchTex - Only for troubleshooting. Users don't need to mess with this. 

No effects: i.imgur.com/chX1hIm.png
SMAA: i.imgur.com/8tRgeRj.png

Any other effects/shaders disabled. For some reason SMAA produces quite massive gammashif (2.1x times).

Any ideas why?

Reshade 0.17.

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