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5 years 6 months ago - 5 years 6 months ago #1 by Ducatiashe CTD Reshade ENB 3.2.7 SKSE64 Skyrim SE was created by Ducatiashe
CTD with ReShade newest version with ENB 3.2.7 Installed.

In Skyrim SE when I install Reshade with ENB anwindod SKSE64 Loader I get a flash of the WIndow then just the process terminates.
I remove Reshade Everything works and the ENB Loads
I change the name of dxdi.dll to Reshade64.dll game loads with ENB but no reshade or shift f2 doesn't bring up anything
I load with Reshade alone game comes up it works.
I load with ENB alone game comes up and works.
Even booting through SKSE64 loader.

I've tried running window D3dcompiler was there....etc on and on.
I'd really like to get Reshade and ENB loading at the same time in SKyrim SE with SKSE64
No Rivatuner or MSI AfteEtcrburner. I've installed it as Admin. Ive shut off all antivirus. ETC
I have changed the Nvidia settings to run exclusive through the Nvidia 970M.
When I check the Dxgi log I am seeing a crash at
Redirecting 'D3D11CreateDeviceAndSwapChain
Which seems to be an ongoing issue when I search all over the web.

Do you have a suggestion that I haven't tried?

Situations like this always seem to happen when I try to use Reshade either in Fo4 or Skyrim or SKyrim SE so far. Its why I stopped even trying to get reshade to work with FO4 and SKyrim cause no matter what I tried it would still CTD.

I appreciate the work that you put into it but it really seems to not play nice with ENB at least on my computers with different hardware and Nvidia cards.
My current rig is an Alienware 17R3 4k 12gb ram, Nvidia 970M 3gb, I7-6700 quad. Windows 10 Current.
I hope you can help
Thank you Ashley C.
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