Sweet FX2.0&Reshade not working in Battlefield4

4 years 8 months ago - 4 years 8 months ago #1 by mac2 Sweet FX2.0&Reshade not working in Battlefield4 was created by mac2
New user to SweetFX and Reshade and have a couple of questions...............
1)As per the title using sweetfx 2.0 and reshade v 0.18.0 x64bit (using this version as been told it has the least issues running with BF4)- strangely installed it last night and it actually worked in BF4 - was able to disable and enable and it ran well snd I tried some different presets (putting them in the .txt file in the swettfx folder) and they were amazing!
however came back this evening and tried to run BF4 again and now get the error message "battlefield 4 has stopped working" and the game would not load up (very strange as the previous day the setup was working perfectly! and I have not changed anything!!) - any help appreciated as I really love some of the preset for sweetfx2.0?
2)Also had a similar problem with some other games - got the sweetfxv2.0 running and installed on ARMA3 using some presets - but after a short break came back and was getting a similar error message to BF4 - game was just not loading.....
3)Final question is I gave the newest version of reshade 3.0 a try on BF4 - and have never been able to get it to work - it gives the "BF4 has stopped working" error message.......and wont let me load the game
Any help to get these working is appreciated...as I suspect they may all be related?
Update:Just tried to reinstall onto ARMA3 and it now works but BF4 still crashes on start - interesting when I auto-installed sweetFX to ARMA3 it picked up that the .exe I pointed it to was x64 but for BF4 (apart from the first install I did) it fails to autodetect the BF4.exe is 64bit you need to select the DX10/11 version manually - but of course it ultimately crashes when you try and start the game anyway?!?very confused about what is happening.....seems one suggested solution is to inject SweetFX before loading up BF4 any idea if this might work or how to do it?
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