fallout 4 crash after installing reshade

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4 years 11 months ago - 4 years 11 months ago #1 by Larry fallout 4 crash after installing reshade was created by Larry

since Beth updated F4 binary with dogmeat promo crap a few days ago, win7Pro64/980Ti latest drivers-
RESHADE 3.1.2, 3.1.1, 3.10 will not work with Fallout 4.
Crash to desktop before main game menu intro movie.
For win7pro64/980Ti, I had to install reshade 3.0.8.
MEANWHILE win10pro64/1080Ti WORKS FINE with 3.1.2 & F4.
can someone please explain what Beth did and how to make F4 work with latest Reshade vers & win7pro64/980Ti?

Fallout 4 crashes on launch after installing reshade- never makes it past the load screen; never makes it to the main menu. I only use lumasharpen. This started recently somehow- as ive been using reshade with F4 with no issues until a couple days ago. Uninstalled reshade- F4 ran fine again. Verified files with Steam- all passed. Noticed that Bethesda added a news section on the load screen- RE: dogmeat add-on nonsense- is that causing this? Bethesda updated the main F4 files recently (april 4 on my box) and it seems that ever since then, my win7pro 64 box/980ti cannot run F4 with reshade. Win10Pro64/1080Ti still works (?)

Can you confirm this? Provide solns? I tried to run F4 with ver 3.1.2 repeatedly with same crash to desktop after running launcher- never gets to the intro film.

win7 64 pro
980Ti driver vers 391.35, 388.13 (no difference)
*meanwhile, on pal's box i demoed- win10 64 pro, 1080ti latest drivers- F4 loads FINE with reshade installed
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