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TOPIC: X-Plane 11.10 STILL Crashing on EXIT

X-Plane 11.10 STILL Crashing on EXIT 6 days 5 hours ago #1


Reshade is STILL crashing my WHOLE system whe exiting X-Plane. I have to hold the power button to do a hard SHUT DOWN and then RESTART my computer.This ISSUE has constantly been mentioned in your forums.

I don't like HARD RESETS because of the risk of CORRUPTING my hard drive as I have "Enable Write Caching" enabled for my SSD.

Please FIX this or give us a WORK A ROUND for exiting X-Plane. Reshade works PERFECTLY otherwise, and I am grateful, but it is not worth a constant hard reset when ever I use it.

EDIT: ENDING X-Plane from the TASK MANAGER CLOSES X-Plane WITHOUT crashing my system.

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