1GPU+Reshade LogFile vs 2GPU+Reshade LogFile

4 years 5 months ago #1 by shadow85 1GPU+Reshade LogFile vs 2GPU+Reshade LogFile was created by shadow85
Is anyone able to help troubleshoot my situation. Still trying to figure out why Reshade is working with 1GPU enabled for Ubisoft games but not when 2GPU+Reshade is enabled the game will crash at the loading screen.

here is Log file for 1GPU+Reshade, successful loading a map/level in Wildlands:

here is Log file (shortened version for pastebin) for 2GPU+Reshade, crash in middle of load screen in Wildlands:

Most interesting to me, is that when 2GPU is enabled, the log file shows lots of lines like:
'Reference count for 'IDXGIDevice1' object *** is inconsistent: ***, but expected 1.'

So why when 2GPUs are enabled does it crash to desktop in the middle of any loading map/level screen with lots of those lines in the log file?
Anyone able to help please?

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