1GPU+Reshade LogFile vs 2GPU+Reshade LogFile

4 years 1 month ago #1 by shadow85
Is anyone able to help troubleshoot my situation. Still trying to figure out why Reshade is working with 1GPU enabled for Ubisoft games but not when 2GPU+Reshade is enabled the game will crash at the loading screen.

here is Log file for 1GPU+Reshade, successful loading a map/level in Wildlands:

here is Log file (shortened version for pastebin) for 2GPU+Reshade, crash in middle of load screen in Wildlands:

Most interesting to me, is that when 2GPU is enabled, the log file shows lots of lines like:
'Reference count for 'IDXGIDevice1' object *** is inconsistent: ***, but expected 1.'

So why when 2GPUs are enabled does it crash to desktop in the middle of any loading map/level screen with lots of those lines in the log file?
Anyone able to help please?

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