ReShade 3.2.2 not working with redux 1.4 I

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I have GTA 5 version 1.41, My PC is latest win10 with DirectX 12 after installing ReShade 3.2.2. there was three files dxgi.dll...etc in the directory, it made the game to crash, after searching some tutorials I founf that I have to change it to d3d11.dll...etc, but after changing the game loads but the ReShade is not loading even on startup screen, and shift+f2 also not working....please help me guys, am i missing something, my win10 build is 1803, do i have to change anything inside game please help guys!!

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Well i found a satisfactory solution to my problem. I say "my problem" because it seems that their are different solutions to everyone's problem.


I have been trying to get the latest ReShade menu to work on the latest version of GTA V to no avail for the past 12 hours. i have tried everything.
Renaming "dxgi.dll" to other file names such as -
"opengl32.dll" - ( causes no menu to appear on launcher or game...CRASHES )
"d3d8.dll" - ( Does nothing )
"d3d9.dll" - ( causes the launcher to run the script...CRASHES )
"d3d10.dll" - ( does nothing )
"d3d10_1.dll" - ( causes no menu to appear on launcher or game...CRASHES )
"d3d11.dll" - ( this is weird...this one works on the older version that i explain below BUT DOES NOT WORK ON THE NEW it does nothing )
"d3d12.dll" - ( does nothing )

I tried reinstalling my game multiple times and even messed with the Nvidia control panel to see if i could get DirectX to bypass the launcher.
even tried bypassing the launcher...that doesn't work


well when all else failed i just thought about it for a bit and decided that all reshade is is an injector - meaning it just loads presets...sooooo that means it doesn't really matter if you have an older version. as a matter of fact its probably even better due to the unreliability of the newer version.

I figured out that any ReShade version after 3.0.1 creates a .ini file named "ReShade.ini" - i believe this is the cause of the crashes or it doing nothing
ReShade version 3.0.1 or any version close to this works because it creates the .ini file to what is named by you.

for example... ( and when i say rename the "dxgi.dll" to "d3d11.dll" dont be turned away i was mad because it worked later bc i tried it a billion times )
STEP 1 - I copied the "GTA5Launcher.exe" ( from the main directory ) and pasted it to my desktop
STEP 2 - I Selected "GTA5Launcher.exe" as the game after running Reshade version 3.0.1 with the DirectX10+ ( this creates the "dxgi.dll" on my desktop, even if it fails it will still create this file )
STEP 3 - I pasted only the "dxgi.dll" created on my desktop to the GTA V main directory.
STEP 4 - ( your going to be mad when i say this ) YOU HAVE TO RENAME THE "dxgi.dll" TO "d3d11.dll" this means that it will create a "d3d11.ini" THAT WORKS
STEP 5 - I ran the game from the launcher on my desktop ( the one steam automatically places if selected by you when installed ) and it created a "d3d11.ini" to sub in place for not having a ini...meaning it took a minute to write the file for startup but it DID NOT CRASH!!!!

link to version 3.0.1 -
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