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TOPIC: Conan Exiles

Conan Exiles 1 year 2 months ago #1

Works but have problems with desert sand physics it messes them up as in video...

I any one know how to fix this let me know i know is 100% RESHADEME i did
a lot of testing...
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Conan Exiles 1 year 1 month ago #2

I just decided to do without Reshade in this game. I get a weird displaydepth shader effect this without having that shader installed or even no shader activated.What is really weird is that this problem was not there first. The Battleye version of the game wont start with any Reshade.
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The game won't start with d3d9.dll if I change name on file to dxgi.dll, d3d11.dll or opengl32 I get this bug after a while. I tried about every reshade version 3 and the latest 3.3.2. There is two version of the game, ConanSandbox_BE.exe(Battleye) and ConanSandbox.exe .

I get color artifacts, like got with a old analog screen cable is not fully inserted while using fullscreen mode with reshade. No color artifacts in windowed or bordlerless.

This game doesn't work good with hooks. It kick my Rivatuner Statstitics and it can not hook up to the game.

I am giving it last try now with latest Nvidia 397,64 driver reinstall with a clean DDU install. But dont have a lot hope. This so far the only game but Metal Gear Soild 5 that gives me problems. I would probably try reshade version 1
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Conan Exiles 1 year 1 month ago #3

Experimented by start command "-d3d11"(Running the game in directx 11) with "ConanSandbox.exe" and reshade works just fine so far will report back later with results. However this is not how the game was designed to run, so I have no ideas what other issues this could introduce. I think it runs in dx9 originally.
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