Not sure what you changing so much but its broken.

3 years 11 months ago #1 by H0PE

Just some feedback. Cannot really move above 3.1 anymore. I just tried the latest version again, but its just completely breaking WoW and Warframe now removing the dll file (LOL). Although 3.1 is also removed by WF launcher I still able to use it and manual copying dll over to WF folder so I'm fine with it.

But after 3.1 all version is breaking WoW, for example this latest version 3.4, alt tabbing out from game and back breaks the game.
Even with 3.1 I have freezing screen in WoW, but it comes back after a few seconds, I can live with that.

Just some thoughts. Would like to see a bit more compatibility on new versions, because I can't really live without for years now. Literally all games look like crap without the lumasharpen feature in Reshade.
Since I first laid eyes on this I couldn't believe why all game devs make textures so blurry. And the funny thing is that I wear glasses and my eyesight isn't that great LOL. Still, the difference is night and day.
Thanks for the best "addon" ever. ;)

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