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TOPIC: GZDoom OBS Capture Flickering !

GZDoom OBS Capture Flickering ! 3 months 9 hours ago #1

Hi all

I have a Problem , when OBS Studio 21.1.2 is running , i have with Reshade 3.3.2 or latest 3.4.0 a longer lag and FPS Drops , this i could fix with older Reshade Version 3.0+ , but with all Reshade Versions i have when OBS is running a Screen Flickering in my Capture Video , and see the Reshade Overlay vanish too sometimes , during my Gameplay i don't see this flicker or something . just in my Video !

Capture with OBS Studio , but without Reshade , no problems or lag at Start with old or newer Reshade Versions.
I have Tested too , in Window Mode , and with Borderless Fullscreen from GZDoom , same problem !
OBS Studio produces 2 or some problems with Reshade , and the Generated Opengl32.dll.
With Bandicam no problems at all.

Also the problem must be the Generated OpenGL32.dll from Reshade in connection with OBS Studio 21.1.2

But see my other Videos from Tomb Raider with TombATI , this use too OpenGL , and have no problems ! , but this use an another OpenGL32.dll , which does not work with GZDoom.
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GZDoom OBS Capture Flickering ! 2 months 3 weeks ago #2

Go to your 'Game Capture' source properties in OBS and tick 'Capture third-party overlays (such as steam)'. This should fix it
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GZDoom OBS Capture Flickering ! 2 months 2 weeks ago #3


I have it Fixed now

I had this off before

But i must Enable : Capture thrid Party overlays (such as Steam) then it will be not Flickering anymore

Just for GZDoom and Strife Veteran Edition and i think alot of Games which only Supports the OpenGL API , i have use Reshade 3.0.0 to fix a lag at Game Start , in Connection with OBS Studio 21.1.2


This works fine now :D
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