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5 years 1 month ago - 5 years 1 month ago #1 by Trousers RESHADE NOT WORKING WITH ENB? was created by Trousers
Ok I’m having a MASSIVE problem here. This is driving me absolutely nuts.

I want to install both ENB and ReShade.

So I can install ReShade using d3d11.dll but then I can’t install the ENB because the ENB is also using d3d11.dll. Then I can also install ENB but then I can’t install ReShade as they are both using d3d11.dll???!!!

How the HELL am I supposed to install both of them?? And yes my enblocal is true. False. Proxy d3d11.dll.

This is ridiculous.

Sorry I don’t mean to have a go at the ReShade creator. Because I also think Boris the bloke that created the MVGA ENB could also change his ENB to make it compatible with ReShade. But I am beyond frustrated. Arrgghhhhh. Ok thanks.


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