[Solved] Insurgency Sandstorm Ignores ReShade?

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[Solved] Insurgency Sandstorm Ignores ReShade? was created by AssassinsDecree
Hey all,

Has anyone been able to get the Insurgency Sandstorm beta to work with reshade at all? I've tried all the APIs (d3d9, dxgi, d3d11, opengl) and it doesn't' crash, nor does it seem to notice reshade at all. Never had that happen with a game before. It's always either been CTD on launch or works. Any help would be appreciated as the beta only runs from today to Aug. 13. thanks!


The game's executable wasn't where it would've seemed (there's an executable in the main folder for the game called sandstorm.exe, but that aint it). Upon initially opening the folder it appeared the .exe was in plain sight, but it is really tucked away here:
"... Steam\SteamApps\common\sandstorm\Insurgency\Binaries\Win64"


That's what you're looking for. I selected directX 10+ in the reshade installer. CTD'ed on launch with ReShade 3.4.0, but works fine with 3.0.8, for me anyway. Download the older versions of reshade here: www.mediafire.com/folder/8ar1jhh1809cl/R...sitory#bow1ko4203njp
(I am not the poster of this repository). Newer versions than 3.0.8 may work fine, idk, I only tested 3.4.0 and 3.0.8 so far.

Didn't need to rename the reshade files. Game was already in borderless-windowed mode (bless the devs) upon launch, so didn't test if fullscreen crashes reshade with this game, as it usually does for me with fullscreen in any game.
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