ReShade infinite downloading X-Plane 11

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Hey there!
Actually, you will see the problem in the attached screenshot. I've installed the latest version of ReShade (v3.4.0). I have copied nothing, 'cause there was an .exe installer, which installed everything correctly: in the root folder I see 'reshade-shaders' folder and inside 'textures' and 'shaders' folders. When I was installing, I chose OpenGL parameter. Also it has created some .dll, .txt, and .ini files. I checked .ini file and the directory of 'shaders' and 'textures' folders is correct. So, everything seems to be correct. But when I start a sim, this window does not disappear and it downloads these '63 effects' infinitely. 'Shift+F2' and 'ScrlLock' do not work. Also, it drops my FPS to the 1, even smaller.
This is a licenced version of X-Plane 11, I even have reinstalled it yesterday. I also tried to choose 1 effect, when I was installing the ReShade, but it also infinitely was downloading 1 effect.
What have I do to make it works?
Comp. specs.: i5-6600k (@4.5 Ghz), GTX 1070, 16GB DDR4
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