Limit maximum texture size?

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Limit maximum texture size? was created by DAOWAce
On startup, ReShade appears to adjust texture sizes to match the rendering resolution so effects work correctly. ie: "Resizing image data for texture _____"

Unfortunately, some games have multiple render targets at different resolutions.. and ReShade picks the wrong one, resulting in a bunch of effects that use textures breaking.

Monster Hunter: World, for example. This awful port is locked to 16:9. I use a 21:9 monitor, and am unable to run the game in 16:9 due to various rendering issues the port has. (applies persistent black bars either vertically or horizontally, or both, nothing I do can workaround this)

Is there a way to force reshade to set everything to a specific size to workaround this issue? I've tried to search these forums and google about this but have come up empty.
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Replied by crosire on topic Limit maximum texture size?
ReShade resizes the images to whatever size the shaders requested. So you can easily change that. Let's take the UIMask.fx shader for example: On line 146 you have this:
texture tUIMask_Mask <source="UIMask.png";> { Width = BUFFER_WIDTH; Height = BUFFER_HEIGHT; Format=TEXFORMAT; };
This tells ReShade to resize the UIMask.png picture to the render target resolution (BUFFER_WIDTH and BUFFER_HEIGHT are defines which contain the corresponding values. Now changing that to lets say
texture tUIMask_Mask <source="UIMask.png";> { Width = 800; Height = 600; Format=TEXFORMAT; };
would tell ReShade to resize the image to 800x600 instead. You can also use simple expressions to use only half of the render resolution for example:
texture tUIMask_Mask <source="UIMask.png";> { Width = BUFFER_WIDTH / 2; Height = BUFFER_HEIGHT / 2; Format=TEXFORMAT; };
This is true for all shaders using pictures as input. Just find the relevant "texture" declaration (look for one with a "source" annotation that points to the image file you are interested in) and change the "Width" and "Height" values to your needs.

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Replied by DAOWAce on topic Limit maximum texture size?
So it's not possible to change on a global level? I noticed Kaldaien's version of ReShade lets you set a specific rendering resolution which automatically resizes all the effects, aka a global setting.

But alright, I guess I can do that. I don't use all the effects anyway.. and in this specific case I was mainly referencing MXAO.

MXAO doesn't have a specific 'image' associated with it, but seems to render 4 effects in a certain texture resolution, and is completely off center in situations like this. (self shadowing appearing 320 pixels next to the character, for example)

Thank you for the pointers!

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