ReShade causes massive lag in No Man's Sky

3 years 10 months ago #1 by Naidrox
So, I've been trying to install a preset for No Man's Sky, the game kept crashing on startup. I've found "the BlueStar tip" on the preset's nexusmods website, the game launched after disabling the integrated graphics card. The problem is that it's lagging horribly since the very first seconds, I have to wait several minutes before the mode choice menu pops up. I wasn't patient enough to wait until my save file opens. The gray box kept appearing in top-left corner, informing me about effects being loaded and later about ReShade menu keybind. After pressing the menu keybind, F4 in this case, absolutely nothing happened. Many attempts to fix my game have shown that for some reason core ReShade without any additional presets completely ruins the game's performance.
I'm quite new to ReShade and I'm not a hardware expert. Any ideas, what should I do?

(also apologies for mistakes, my english isn't flawless and I'm really tired atm)

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