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TOPIC: hdr support with games that have it

hdr support with games that have it 11 months 6 days ago #1

Does reshade work with games that support monitor hdr ? ive tried it on mass effect andromeda and causes loading to loop and the window to keep minimizing and resetting to ldr
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Monitor/tv hdr compatibility with reshade 11 months 2 days ago #2

does anybody know
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Monitor/tv hdr compatibility with reshade 10 months 4 weeks ago #3

Not really tech savvy enough to give a good explanation but from my understanding ReShade is currently not aware of or supporting the parts of DirectX 11+ or DXGI that handle HDR though I've never heard of it breaking a game from starting up but it should force the game back to SDR instead of HDR and 8-bit instead of 10-bit or however the games HDR implementation is handled. :)
(Of which there's at least three or four versions now I believe, Dolby's, Microsoft's and then NVIDIA's and for Microsoft I believe there's also HDR10 or 16-bit.)

Extensions to D3D11+ and DXGI and the display manager basically and that's why support is currently not working in ReShade for HDR until this code is in place.
Should also be part of why some things are a bit off for 10-bit frame buffer games or game engines even if these don't do hardware HDR such as Unreal Engine 4 but I'm not very knowledgeable about the specifics so the answer I can give is fairly limited.

Tech wise the MSDN documentation for this has more details but it's mostly for working with or implementing support for HDR in games so it's probably not very useful I hope ReShade can be made HDR compatible and support 10-bit or higher in later revisions though without HDR compatible hardware to test against I guess it's not as easy to ensure it's functioning as intended.
(Though I guess ultimately the pricing also comes down to other factors for these panels such as OLED, G-Sync, refresh rate and so on though HDR support then also seem to vary heavily as I've come to understand it.)

EDIT: As more and more games do start shifting to 10-bit and HDR compatible even on PC where it varies a bit in how it's implemented this will probably become a more important feature too although it's still a bit rough on PC and Windows 10 at the moment from what I'm seeing.
(Redstone 4 has improved it a bit and I guess the upcoming Redstone 5 build will see further enhancements, for NVIDIA's HDR API I don't really know enough but I know the newer G-Sync hardware modules are HDR compatible and well Dolby Atmos I have no idea about, I think Andromeda might be the only game using this but I am not certain.)
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Monitor/tv hdr compatibility with reshade 10 months 3 weeks ago #4

ik andromeda is one game that gives me issues only one ive bothered to test reshade with it trys forcing the game into windowed mode in ldr , as hdr format seems hdr10 for the moment is standard for gaming dolby vision supports up to 12bit which will probably take over as the field standard for everything down the road , think theres even a hdr format designed to work better with bluray movies. I was just figuring reshade didnt really support it due to cost for hdr displays didnt know if anyone knew for sure.
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