Reshade having issues with secondlife on a laptop

3 years 9 months ago #1 by ChrisXPZ
When I try to run Reshade on my laptop, it crashes on startup. My laptop has integrated intel graphics as well as a dedicated Nvidia 770m card. if I uninstall the intel graphics driver, it starts up just fine but that's obviously not ideal as I don't have a low power mode anymore at that point. I ran it through the debugger in visual studio and it throws an exception about an access violation or something with System32/D3D11.DLL. Secondlife uses OpenGL, not DirectX.

I have tried running other programs such as Heavy Bullets which runs D3D9 and that starts up without issue

Another interesting thing is that if I run SecondLife on an external monitor, it boots up just fine, I'm assuming that has to do with how the two GPUs interact and output to the display. I'm using Mini DisplayPort to output it and converting it to fullsize DisplayPort to a 1080p 144hz ASUS VG248QE monitor
SecondLife and reshade don't have this issue on my desktop computer (i7-7700K, 32GB RAM, GTX 1080ti, Windows 10 Pro 64bit, 1440p 165hz ASUS ROG PG279Q Monitor)

On a side note, I can't use depth effects on Secondlife since it connects to the interenet even though it's more of a social network than anything else, but I can get it to show up in some areas for screenshots at least though it has an issue on both computers with the depth buffer being offset from the image and I have to play with the window size for it to line up correctly

My laptop I'm running is an MSI GT70 2OC-065US
Nvidia GeForce GTX 770M
Windows 10 Home 64bit

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