Gta 5 error - 00078857

3 years 8 months ago #1 by Proc0002
Gta 5 error - 00078857 was created by Proc0002
Hello, I have gta 5 from social club (not cracked) and when i play and go to reshades and log, There is everytime error : ERROR Failed to create depth stencil replacement resource view RESULT is 00078657. After playing like 10 minutes and pressing esc (for seeing the map) or after playing 1 hour - the Gta stopped working - ERR_MEM_EMBEDDEDALLOC_ALLOC
Out of game memory. Please reboot and restart the game.
I am also using the gta gameconfig for nowadays version.
I tried reinstall both Redux and Reshade. I tried to increase the backround memory. I tried to reinstall the whole gta. But nothing does help.
I have gtx 1080, i7 7800k 16 gb ram and more then 100 gb free space on disc.
Thank you for any help.

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