Reshade 3/4 Poor Performance

3 years 5 months ago #1 by Derek
Reshade 3/4 Poor Performance was created by Derek
I'm using the latest Reshade version for a game and it's almost not-playable. Reshade 3/4 take so much FPS it's ridiculous. I go from 200 FPS to 44, and I'm not using any Depth Effects. The only effects that is performance intense that I use is Ambient Light and Bloom, but is that really too much? I've used older Reshades and they work perfect without FPS issues, but with Reshade 3/4 there seems to always be FPS problems. And I know 200 FPS isn't needed, but I at-least want a stable 60 FPS which I cannot even achieve with Reshade installed.
I have a GTX 1080 as my GPU and my CPU is a i7 4790k. Is there something I should disable in Reshade or is the latest Reshades just poorly optimized? I've messed around with Nvidia Control Panel but it didn't really do anything.

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